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Perfect Body in 1 Minute? Wait What?

As summer is approaching, all of the concerns of putting that bikini on.. walking on the beach.. starting to flood girl’s brains… With the busy schedule in life, many would rather not “waste… Continue reading

Free Tickets to Hong Kong Sevens 2014!

A Month after the Hong Kong Seven’s, haven’t got enough? Didn’t get round and already thinking about how to get next year’s ticket’s? See if this helps! Got a copy of this magazine,… Continue reading


Girls fights are always referred to hair pulling, sharp nails skin scratching, screaming and sobbing… “Be a man, do the right thing” If you want to fight, do a real fight When I… Continue reading

Hong Kong 7s 2013 – ARE YOU READY?

The infamous Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is starting today, if you are still looking for an entry ticket at this point, a friend suggested to search “Rugby 7s Asia Expat”, find some luck… Continue reading

Injured From Exercising? MAKE THEM GO AWAY!

Surviving through the 10km race, Xtine and I are delighted with the result – finishing within 1 hour (guess I was THAT desperate for a loo). Thank god we weren’t injured for putting… Continue reading

倒數4天: 跑步與音樂

今天晚上放工後與Xtle 去了Harbour Run (中環 <-> 灣仔),跑了5公里。但這不是重點。 Hong Kong Harbour Runners請來了本地樂隊The Flame在7號碼頭開了一個小型音樂會!他們是街頭表演藝術的音樂人組成,希望能繼續為香港的街頭藝術文化出一分力的街頭樂隊。有人說跑步很悶蛋,那你應該為自己整理一個playlist,讓音樂的旋律注入你的細胞。正如Joeye(Harbour Runners之一)於音樂會開始前對The Flame說, ” Thanks for bringing life to the run”,當你跑得垂死時,試試用音樂令你重生。 運動後我Xtle Evelyn 和 滑板少女Gellie (Plastic Cruisers創辦人之一) 邊拉筋邊欣賞音樂! 之前交換Playlist 時已分享過跑步為什麼會想聽音樂和如何選合適自己的音樂。(按此重溫)所以今天我們只想簡簡單單地分享星期天的馬拉松Playlist。雖然我們只跑10K,但為了讓跑半馬的朋友都可以參考,我們今次弄了一個整整兩小時的Powersong Playlist! Xtine’s Playlist Xtle’s Playlist… Continue reading

Marathon Countdown – 6 Days: Rest Day!

Coming to 6 days before the marathon, and a Monday, we do what we do – work. On a weekday, most of you would be at school, at work, so are we! Same… Continue reading

吃不膩的情人節「朱古力」教你煮情人節健康餐 // A Hearty Valentine’s Meal with Mr. Candy for the Eye

身邊的男神朋友Arnold早前接受一本雜誌訪問,他提到 “Eating fats will not make you fat”。還在英國留學的他新年年假回港數天,作為他半個家人的我們 (臉皮超厚),當然也要來個短聚。這幾天多吃多了高脂肪的過年食品,所以趁這個機會邀請這排人肉「朱古力」為我們構思一頓三道菜的健康情人節餐,再過幾招飲食心得。 如果你還未認識這位郭氏美男子,他是美國時裝品牌Abercrombie & Fitch史上第一位華人被挑選成為擔任2013春夏廣告的男模。我們見証著他的Facebook專頁由一百人直線上升到現在已有接近二千人讚好,幾個月內成功經俘虜不少香港少女的心。 A good friend, Arnold, being the idol in many eyes, was interviewed by a magazine and mentioned “Eating fats will not… Continue reading

How Far Can You Run? – Treadmill vs Track

In a busy city like Hong Kong, where space is limited with a high population and polluted air, indoor fitness centres are popular. Comparing to running outdoor, on a treadmill you could enjoy..… Continue reading

How Strong Is Your Mind?

How are you coping with the run and training and preparation? When I was suggested to go for a half marathon race, first thing came in mind was: FU*K that SH*T I’m not… Continue reading

機會是留給有預備的人 Gotta Look Good At All Times

有沒有想過在街上下一個你碰到的會是誰? 對你有好感的人,你的前度,與你有深仇大恨的前度的前度,你10年前的小學同學, 你的「The One」……? Look Good At All Times Because You Will Never Know Who You Meet the Next Second. 你的外觀必然是他們留意到的第一件事情。如果你想時刻保持一個良好的印象,任何時候都看起來都要神采飛揚。 可能你每天甘心花超過一個小時去化妝增加自信心,亦捨得花一千元去買條令你穿得好看的牛仔褲。就趁還有整整一個月的時間就到香港馬拉松, 我們想以這一個月的時間作起點, 改變你對「美」的看法。 「好看」並不單是靠張精緻的面孔, 不是穿什麼或不穿什麼, 不是以別人的眼光去證明你是否吸引。人是一個整體, 你的身體就是你最好的包裝和最強的武器。 Ever wondered what you would do… Continue reading