Perfect Body in 1 Minute? Wait What?

As summer is approaching, all of the concerns of putting that bikini on.. walking on the beach.. starting to flood girl’s brains…

With the busy schedule in life, many would rather not “waste time” to exercise.

Would you spare your time to exercise if it takes only ONE MINUTE?



In Chinese it says:

“Master this trick, to mould your whole body curves

Remarks: You can’t drop your waist, the whole body has to be aligned”

Saw this picture two weeks ago, decided to do a 1 minute plank everyday, for the reasons:

  1. To help with the tightening the UNBEARABLE BELLY
  2. At the same time not to over train the chest, to keep the boobies in shape (be honest, which girl doesn’t care?)

If you haven’t done it you would probably think 1 minute is like a blink of an eye.

Been doing that for 2 weeks, 1 minute a day.

Did the plank, was looking at the stop watch, at that point I totally understood what Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was about – each second passed by, felt like FOREVER. It wasn’t easy.. at all.

Think of the desired body and keep it up!



The desired bikini body

As days went by, it got easier (I’d like to think it’s because my core got stronger). I wasn’t so sure about the strengthened core muscles until after the 100 push ups in a fitness class. Went to the same class and did the 100 push ups 2 weeks ago, went again after 2 weeks of 1 minute planks… Totally felt that I was doing the pretty push ups by holding my core tight (often see people doing push ups with the jelly back and tummy touching the ground)

Looks like the belly could be expelled before the bikini time!

1 minute is 1/1440 of your day

If you have 1 minute to spare everyday and desperate to have that bikini body, give it a go!



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