Girls fights are always referred to hair pulling, sharp nails skin scratching, screaming and sobbing…

“Be a man, do the right thing”

If you want to fight, do a real fight

When I was younger, I always imagined myself to be working for the police force, holding a gun and be very cool like what we see in movies. Been wanting to participate in a war game or paint balling and finally had the chance to experience the thrill.


Guns used in Wargame

War game is nowadays considered a type of sports, apart from being physically active, deep thoughts are also needed in the game. The thrill and fear could drive people away from their usual calmness and make regrettable decisions.

Being different from Paint Balling, War games involve plastic bullets and only a mask is needed to protect the face. However, that doesn’t mean the plastic bullets wouldn’t hurt the other parts of the body.


Me in the mask looking like a Star War character

The main rule of the game is simple – once you get shot, raise your hands – you are out of the game.

photo (9)

Had 5 of these marks on my body after the games, if you get shot you would bleed under the skin and instant bruises

In a Wargame, you’ll get small bruises like this, I suppose in paintball you would get bruises that are 10 times bigger

There are several places where you could have an experience of the exciting, life threatening game:

  1. City Hunter –
  2. Airsoft Force –
  3. Paintball Headquarters –
  4. Hong Kong Survival Game Association –

It’s not hard to relate to real death when you participate in the game, same rule applies to life – once you are dead, you no longer have the rights to participate in the game. Therefore, being in a war game, the thrills and intimidation would affect a person’s moves and sometimes even shoot the wrong object. Once the overwhelmed emotions has adapted the situation, accurate shoots and thoughtful strategies could be made.

What’s next to shoot? Paintballs!

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